1. Chrissi Poland sings the HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS SONGS in under 3 minutes. Happy Solstice e’rybody.


  2. My new little side project with the fantastically talented Ari Hest. Bluebirds is a whole lot of singer/sogwriter/jazz/Brazilian that will make you sway and smile. Here’s our first single, a lil alt-holiday tune called “Snow”. xxo


  3. Abe Clements did this super dancey and fun remix of Possible… love it, Abe. Spread it round, kids.. xxo


  4. Love this sultry remix of “Possible” that UK composer/producer John Garden sent. I met John when I started singing for Scissor Sisters and he was the musical director. Some swampy piano hotness, touch of New Orleans. Love it. xo


  5. Remixers! I Wanna Hear YOUR Remix of “POSSIBLE”!


    You got remix skills? I wanna hear them! Turn out your best remix of “Possible” and I’ll post it here, as well as on the social media sites. You’ll get a free download of Reckless Ones and the digital booklet. The best and most infectious remix will be featured on my website and played live at a show. 

    Here’s what you do:

    - Visit: https://soundcloud.com/chrissipoland/sets/possible-remix-stems

    - Download the audio stems from the original album track, and create your own remix of “Possible” off the “Reckless Ones” EP.
    When you’re finished, email an mp3 of your remix to remix@chrissipoland.com and I will feature it on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.
    Please share with anyone and everyone… I can’t wait to hear what you come up with, reckless ones! xo

  6. The first listen of the brand new tracks off Reckless Ones, available worldwide on February 5th, 2013! Written by Chrissi Poland and produced by Matt Pendergast. Put on your headphones, bump up the speakers. 

    1. Possible

    2. Tether Me

    3. Unravelling

    4. Love Fool

    5. I Won’t Be Waiting

    Halleluja for the reckless ones…. xo



    This is a test run, the full course will be coming soon! But for now, go ahead and give it a listen! This is one of the most difficult accents to master, and I feel that if it’s going to be done, it MUST be done correctly. Carry on!

  8. Have you checked out the music video for “Possible” yet? The first single off the forthcoming EP Reckless Ones. Choreographed by Brad Landers, who also created the super fun moves for Scissor Sisters’ smash hit “Let’s Have A Kiki”. Blast it, share it, get into it! Everybody is a Reckless One from time to time… xo

  9. Tour, Day 2. Taking a #wheel in the Toronto Airport before departing for Russia! Working on bending the spine more so hands are right under shoulders #progress #yoga #fitness #vinyasa #backbend #travel #wellness #scissorsisters #airport (Taken with Instagram at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ))

  10. The first batch of merch T-shirts for the new EP arrived! Who wants one? A line from the single “Possible” #possible #bigvoice #chrissipoland #nyc #soul #pop #boston #tshirt #lyrics (Taken with Instagram)